Hunter notification tones!


Hunter Screech 1: X

Hunter Screech 2: X

Hunter Screech 3: X

Hunter Screech 4: X

Hunter Growl 1: X

Hunter Growl 2: X

Hunter Growl 3: X

Dying Hunter: X

[warning: Ringtones might be triggering to some people who listen to them! Loud screeches and growls! Be careful!]






[Ellis]I’m not one’a yer…TRACTOR TRAMPS…

Nick headcanon


Nick never cried. Years of being in a gang and doing deals and seeing death made him like a stone. He told Ellis this. And ellis saw it normal that nick would probably not cry if something were to happen to him. That is, until Ellis gets severely hurt, and finally wakes up after being under watch and practically in a coma for a week, only to find Nick by his bedside and sobbing so hard that it shook his shoulders. That was when Ellis knew Nick really cared about him.


do u ever just wanna start another rp group but for like different things

I wanna get an RP group together for Saints row.

and one again for Avengers

and a L4D2 one

If anyone is interested pls let me know I’ll make a list of characters taken.


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Anonymous said: If you don't mind me asking, what's going on?

someone got offended on tumblr dot org because i called myself female to male but apparently someone didn’t like that i called myself something i’m comfortable with so then they started throwing a fit and here we are. welcome. ur kinda late to the party but tbh im glad u weren’t here during it lol.

burningsmiles said: Mod what do you think of the Nick/Francis pairing?


Anonymous said: I'm on your side with this as well, I didn't realize ftm could be offensive because you are transitioning from FEMALE to MALE- those are the genders you made your move through. That does not mean you are not recognizing nonbinary genders, you just weren't NB you were female and now you're male. I don't understand how saying the two genders you've personally gone through somehow dismisses the existence of others? Those two things do not relate to each other at all.

I’m calling myself ftm because I’m in the middle of transitioning and tbh I shouldn’t have to change my fucking label because some people are offended by it.

Anonymous said: Ellis was male. He was born male. Unless there's a backup evidence that he was female or it's your headcanon, he's born male.

You’re starting to actually kind of make me uncomfortable please stop talking.

Anonymous said: I'm siding with you. You are using terms you agree with and are comfortable with, there is no wrong in that.

And people assume Ellis would know all the terms I mean he was born in fucking SAVANNAH GEORGIA okay

I literally have every right to react to this shit if people think I’m gonna keep up with terms out the wazoo. I’m losing followers and??? you know what if they assume I’m being offensive (which im not. not once did I say that NB do not exist) then they shouldn’t be following me. They need to stop assuming everything is an attack bye.

Anonymous said: i was just sayin those terms use arent encouraged anymore becuz they have been determined to be noninclusive jfc bye it is then

I use them for myself stop assuming what I say is offensive toward people. I do not use it for others I use it for myself and other people who IDENTIFY as FTM. Tumblr needs to stop assuming everything is an attack jfc lmao.

Anonymous said: ftm and mtf are sorta outdated and cissexist terms and its better not to use them. Just stick with trans man and trans woman and such! mtf/ftm imply there is only two genders and excludes NonBinary folks

oh my fucking god. I’m a trans ftm. I’m not excluding non-binaries and I’m not being offensive in any way and you assuming that a simple term to describe people who were FEMALE and are now MALE is offensive to me. I was FEMALE. now I’m MALE. In my headcanon Ellis was FEMALE then transitioned to MALE bye.