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seriously don’t watch it.


on omegle video w/ girlfriend in full Nellis cosplay


i deliver

on omegle video w/ girlfriend in full Nellis cosplay


Heading to planet comicon!


Heading to planet comicon!

My heart

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help ilu and ur art is so great!!! and youre so cute and such a good nick and sighs i just wanna play l4d2 and talk about nellis with you. ajajsjsjfkdkd ok bye


************KISSES CHEEK******************

Planet ComicCon

This weekend, on Saturday, my girlfriend and I are going to head to Kansas City MO for Planet ComicCon! We are cosplaying Nick and Ellis on Saturday and (if we go on Sunday) doing independent cosplays the next day! I’ll make sure to juice up my phone for pics!

Hey, who do you like better? Nick, or ellis? And both is not an option! :)

wow ok I’m gonna have to say: Nick. I connect with him more, (plus having the same name as him is a plus). I seriously act like him. Cosplaying him boosts my self-esteem a lot. I feel more attractive as Nick and more at ease. Also i would seriously fuck nick against a wall for 6 straight hours if i didnt ship nellis so much.  

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I need nellis fanfics with bottom!nick can you help a bro out?? QnQ

"And what did I say I wanted in return for this?" Came his reply.

Ellis rolled his eyes, mumbling his answer. 

"I can’t hear you."

"…Blow jobs for a week."  He replied.

Nick smirked at that, nodded once, and backed up to the edge of the bed. “This is fair, right?” Ellis flushed at the question and placed a hand on the older’s chest. “Shut it an’ getcher pants off.” He commanded, cornflower blue eyes hardened on his slightly opened blue button down. 

The gambler smirked. Even being dominate the kid was about as embarrassed as a virgin girl. With a laugh, he obliged and slipped out of his dirty white slacks. “Yes sir.” He mocked, and crawled onto the bed. 

The hick, who was hot with anger more than arousal, pushed him back against the bed with a shove to the chest. Nick huffed from surprise and looked up into the hick’s eyes as Ellis climbed onto him and pressed his wrists down into the mattress with his hands. 

For a second, the embarrassed, flushed expression shifted into a feral-like dominance. And that excited Nick. A lot. Too much. He gulped loudly. Ellis felt the slight shift in mood, which made him smile. “Nervous are ya?” He asked teasingly. Nick grunted, shifting in his position. “No. Just surprised you went all ‘dominant’ on me. You usually act like a girl when this happens.” He said.

Ellis flushed, but sneered and ground his hips down to shut the gambler up. “Shut it. Ahm toppin’, and ahm in charge. So hush yer mouth and enjoy it.” He growled. So Nick did.


"Ah- SHIT." Nick gasped. It earned a slightly breathless laugh from Ellis as he changed his position slightly and continued his thrusts. 

"Sh-shut up.." Nick gasped, burying his face into the old pillow he was grabbing onto with all of his might. The pain had subsided a while ago, and now all Nick felt was blinding white, hot pleasure. He bit into the pillow.

"Ah can feel how yew clench around me yer almost there?" Ellis gasped out, slamming hard against him as he picked up speed. Nick moaned out, toes curling as he felt his prostate being slammed into. 

Ellis laughed at that, then let out a slight gasp of Nick’s name. He was close too. Very very close.

The gambler lost it once Ellis’s hand came wrapping around his leaking cock (goddamn those large, bass-playing hands of his). After a few strokes he was coming; white hot streaks of come hitting the mattress as the gambler cried out the mechanic’s name into the pillow. 

It wasn’t much longer when Ellis came as well, burying his face against his back as he thrust deep inside of Nick as he came. 

They were both gasping as they came down their high, and Ellis collapsed next to the gambler, slipping off his condom as he did so. “Ahm guessin’ that was good?” He asked with a laugh. He received and grumble and a shove in the shoulder. Ellis only laughed more. 


this video has changed my life


Nah son

Warning: spooky. Make up tutorial on how to cosplay the witch.